Helping you pay attention...
to your intention.

Management Insight and Toddasana Coaching helps individuals, businesses and organizations achieve alignment to move through life more deliberately, joyously and with clear intention.  We empower awareness of action, leaving less to chance through default decisions.

In Business - Management Insight: By looking at the critical elements of your organization such as Strategy, Structure, Leadership Style and Culture, we thoroughly consider strategies to help achieve Alignment. Determined by your Stage of Development there are better and more appropriate things that can be done to move your business forward. When these elements are in alignment, an organization (for-profit or non-profit) simply works better, is a better place to work and is more profitable. Businesses often have clear projections of where they want to be in six months, a year, five years. What they have trouble with is a deep understanding of how to integrate where they are now with an intentional and purposeful plan of action. By knowing where you are now, you can create a much more accurate and practical plan for getting where you want to be.

With Individuals – Toddasana Coaching: There are many personal situations, like Attitude, Relationships, Personal Growth, Personal Environment, Business/Career, Finances, Health, Family/Friends, Romance, Fun and Recreation.  Together, we determine which aspects are working best and leverage or accentuate them, and which need improvement. Then, together, we create a realistic and dynamic plan to achieve alignment and facilitate a smooth, progressive transition.

 The Personal/Physical Training aspect of Toddasana Coaching focuses on helping get you back in alignment. This is done through hands-on private guided yoga instruction and asanas (poses). We focus on alignment (posture) balance and strength building. Each person is different so we determine which of these we need to focus on first.

In Yoga - Tadasana is known as Mountain Pose. It is the most foundational of all yoga postures, in fact, the principles of Tadasana translate into all yoga postures. In other words, once you get Tadasana right, you have a firm foundation for correct alignment in other yoga asanas, and in life. It is a pose that appears simple in its nature. You are just standing up straight with your hands at your sides or palms together over your head. Simple, right? But not easy.


Tadasana is an alignment based pose that requires tremendous focus and strength. This fundamental pose appears deceptively easy, however it invites you to use almost every large (and many small) muscle groups in your body; from the bottoms of your feet all the way through the legs, torso, neck and head. Tadasana challenges your mind, and gets you in touch with the deeper levels of your core, both physically and mentally. Tadasana is a great yoga posture for reducing pain, both physical and emotional.

When your body learns alignment you are physically solid, you do not waver; this gives you the foundation to move through life more confidently with clarified intention. Toddasana Coaching helps you move through life more effectively starting with the internal environment of the body.

Our Mission

To help you understand what is getting in your way or impeding your progress in achieving happiness or the best results in your life.

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